Smart Creative Style is a one-on-one coaching process for any creative person who wants to discover how to stand out in the world whether in business or life. Anyone who may have gotten a bit foggy on who she really is. Someone who wants to move forward but doesn't feel like she is going at the pace she would like.

Identifying your style

A personalized online coaching process that will help you be you in your personal and business life.
Personal Style

You are an original! This process will help you with branding your business, decorating your home, editing your wardrobe-designing your life! This process can be deeply moving and fun at the same time. With a defined style, you will make easier decisions for success.

Business Branding

Not only does Style coaching will provide the foundation to establish YOUR personal style. Through fun exercises and tasks, you will see yourself in a new light and your business in a a new light. This will eliminate decision fatigue.

Color, Style & Texture

You will get to identify your own story exploring color texture and imagery. You will develop a unique point of view that will set you apart and enable you to deliver a distinguished brand to create a loyal following.

Authentic Style

There will be specific mood board assignments where you will discover your look – a look that belongs to you alone. You hold the keys to your unique style and this course, is your doorway. The world is waiting for you to be authentic.


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About Smart Creative Style

The women that I see with the most success have a distinct point of view.
Finding your unique voice is more important than ever.

How do you embrace the real you and not a version of you that you might get bored or frustrated with? Once you find and develop your own aesthetic, how do you turn that into something that reflects who you really are? Once you develop this, can it help you make life choices? I think so! One thing I know for sure is that we don’t need more cookie cutter businesses or people out there! We don’t need one more course that teaches you someone else’s look, style or business! You were not designed to follow a blueprint! What we need is something that involves the exploration of YOU. Fun exercises that challenge and bring out the best in you. Questions that dive deep into your past and your present; your influences both visually and emotionally. The beauty of it is you were created with a completely original spirit. Understanding and embracing your original style can help you make focused and powerful choices for a life that is designed completely by you for you. It will allow you to communicate who you really are and to celebrate what sets you apart.

  • Creative Identity

    Capturing your creative identity through color texture and mood

  • Unique Voice

    Tapping into your unique voice

  • Style Trends

    Staying current but not being a slave to trends

  • Style vs Taste

    Style vs Taste; why you need both

About Monica

I believe style should say something about you, but not everything.
Monica Lee
Founder, Coach, & Mentor
Monica Lee is an illustrator, retail business owner and host of Smart Creative Women. She has coached creatives through this process for the past three years with remarkable results. She designed this coaching course in response to all the voices telling you need to find your own style and look. She wants to to show you HOW.


"If you have a chance to take this course, do it!"


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